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Seize the enormous opportunity of virtual instruction and access a potential student base far beyond your home town.

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Stop squeezing in as many students as you can to maximize revenue. Present your best work, to every student, every time.

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When your expertise is available in quality video music lessons, you can scale your income beyond hourly rates.

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How do I get started?

Register for a free account or sign in. Go to the Teach tab to find the lesson plan template and free resources on how to make a great video lesson. Your first lesson must be a free demo. Subsequent lessons may be free or for sale.

What is the lesson format?

We make it easy to craft a great lesson every time! Sign in then go to the Teach tab to find the lesson plan template. Indicate the lesson title, objective and details about the lesson, suggested level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and recommended background or prerequisites. Include a 10-15 minute engaging and interactive instructional video and provide a PDF homework assignment for each lesson. Additional supplemental materials, suggested reading or listening is encouraged. When you have reviewed your lesson plan, submit your lesson. It's that easy!

When will my lesson be available?

All submitted lessons are reviewed and you will be notified when your lessons is approved. If we have any questions, we will contact you. When your first lesson is approved, you will have a faculty designation. This format provides the consistency and continuity that students expect.

Can I teach a course of several lessons?

Yes! A course of several sequential lessons is the preferred and most successful model. Start with a short, free demo lesson on the course topic. Add sequential lessons and bundle them as a course. Please contact us for further details at faculty@masterclassu.com

I already have free videos on YouTube. Why should I apply to be a faculty member?

You know monetizing your instructional videos on YouTube is a poor return on your expertise. Stop making billionaires richer. MasterclassU is built by musicians for musicians.

Which model do you prefer?

The Grind - You physically drive around town and teach 25 hours of lessons each week, reaching 25-50 students for around $1250. You hustle and do most of the marketing yourself and give a cut to the music store or the gas station.

The Future is Bright - MasterclassU offers our faculty the possibility of teaching hundreds of students per week at rates far exceeding what you could possibly make during The Grind. MasterclassU is always open.

Students around the world could be taking your video lessons while you gig or even while you sleep!

Best of all, you can have it both ways!

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I feel like my in-person lessons are the best solution for individual students -- why should I apply?

Private in-person lessons may be ideal, but not every student has the resources to take private lessons. All private lessons include standard music pedagogy at every level of musicianship which can be effectively taught through engaging, interactive instructional videos.

MasterclassU is a great alternative or supplement to private, in-person music lessons with the power to reach many more students.

Learn How MasterclassU.com

Invests substantial resources in developing an web application that deploys engaging, interactive, quality, virtual music instruction.

Supports music faculty as they develop effective lessons, courses, and curriculum to maximize success.

Partners with our music faculty to market music video lessons, method books, related resources, and merchandise.

Mentors those who find audio, video or computer technology a barrier to successful virtual music instruction. It takes time and skill to plan and produce a quality video lesson. MasterclassU is built by musicians for musicians and we’re here to help!

Incorporates the best technology to deliver quality instruction.

Can I sell my own method book, sheet music and musical merchandise?

Yes! As a faculty member, you will be able to sell your own books and sheet music (provided you hold the rights to do so) as a PDF attached to a video lesson. CDs and digital downloads will be available soon.

Once a video course or lesson is purchased, does it have an expiration date?

Videos are never downloaded by students. When a student purchases a video s/he retains access to view the video on MasterclassU.com. There is no expiration date, as long as the student remains a member in good standing of MasterclassU. See Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for details.

Who retains the copyright for any materials that faculty provide?

Faculty members retain their copyright for materials provided to MasterclassU. When you become faculty, you permit us to publish and distribute your materials as specified in the Terms of Service.

How much do you charge for access to videos?

You determine the cost of your lesson or course. The price may vary depending on if lessons are purchased a la carte or bundled as a course of several sequential lessons. Faculty may add their own method book or sheet music as a PDF download to complement their lesson. It is expected that faculty include a homework assignment PDF download as part of each video lesson.

What is the profit split for money made from selling the videos?

MasterclassU takes care of the technical, marketing and e-commerce costs so you can concentrate on what you do best - craft excellent music lessons that empower students to become successful musicians. Together, we will grow and refine this music service and remain competitive. Our reasonable rate sheet is only provided to approved faculty.

Will faculty be able to schedule and hold live, online private lessons if a student is at a distance and wants real-time instruction?

Yes! Students will be able to schedule live, private lessons online though MasterclassU.com. Faculty set their own rates.

What if a student is local and wishes to meet in person for private lessons with a MasterclassU teacher?

MasterclassU faculty members in good standing may choose to schedule in-person private lessons with MasterclassU students, provided the faculty member passes a background check similar to what is required for public school teachers. Faculty set their own rates.

Do you take a cut of the online or in-person private lesson price?

MasterclassU takes a small cut - just like a music store or private music school.

Is faculty paid anything upfront for taking the time to record instructional videos?

No, but MasterclassU has invested substantial resources to develop this music service for you. We think it’s a fair deal and we will help you produce successful, quality instructional videos. We are here to help you succeed!

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Still have questions?

Contact us at faculty@masterclassu.com. We’d love to hear from you!